talking about my painting

For me painting is and was a necessity which comes from the deepness of my soul.
I remember, I was ten or twelve years old when I painted, for joke, my first painting: two oranges.
No much later, the gulf of Taormina during a storm. I might have to stop to paint but I began again . Since 2001 I paint full-time. I never wanted to do exhibitions, but now I think it's good that people can know my work. I think the art might be a way to spirituality, a self-alteration, as Cage writes: “Art is not self expression but self alteration”. I don't know if my work is "Art", but it certainly has original and strong colors so the objects and the whole painting, that seems real, becames completely abstract. What fascinates myself is, over all, the pursuit of a way that represents really my own spirituality. When I chose the subject I start to paint without any thought. Then, brush stroke after brush stroke, the painting itself suggests the future right steps. So the question is: is working the painting with me?

Taormina during a storm
(oil on canvas17X28)